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APNT Innovation & Capability Survey

Welcome to this UK Defence Solutions Centre (UKDSC) APNT Survey

The use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), that are accurate, available, and largely free at the point of use, has dominated the provision of Position, Navigation and Time information, since their introduction into widespread use.  It’s clear however, that, whilst these services are excellent, they are also extremely vulnerable to denial through both jamming and spoofing, as is currently being evidenced, for example in Ukraine.  The relative ease with which these services can be disrupted is a significant concern in both the commercial and military worlds.  Increasingly, it is being recognised that GNSS alone is insufficient for critical PNT applications, whether they be autonomous vehicles or front-line soldiers.

Against this context, Strategic Command has tasked the UKDSC with an in-depth analysis of Assured PNT capabilities, both those that are available today, and those that are in the process of being developed in the UK or allied countries.  This short survey is to help us understand the scope of these capabilities and to allow us to start to identify potential system solutions to provide robust, resilient services to users who absolutely must have ubiquitous access to PNT services.

The survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Your participation in the survey is, of course, completely voluntary, but it would greatly help us to assess UK (and wider) capabilities and provide guidance to the MoD on potential routes forward.  The survey responses will be strictly confidential; data from this research will be anonymised and reported only in the aggregated report, which will be freely available to all participants.  Please keep your responses to unclassified material only.

If you have any issues with the survey, please contact us: 

The deadline for completion of the survey is 5pm on the 15th August 2023.

Our thanks again to you for your time,

The UKSDSC Innovation & Capability Team